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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Martin Jonas Daniel Karl25/Male/Germany Group :iconhoofprintclub: HoofprintClub
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Martin Jonas Daniel Karl
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm still far from being good, but I'll keep trying to improve.

Let me know your favorite pony as a profile comment on your birthday and you'll get a quick digital drawing by me for free*

*(Must have been registered on DeviantArt for at least 6 months and have your birthday visible on your DeviantArt profile. I reserve the right to refuse to provide you with a drawing for any reason)


Friendship is magic - CAPs Day 31
The most important thing on this world are your friends.

I decided that it would be unfair to only draw some friends OCs and not all of them, so instead I drew the Mane 6 with my OC to represent us all.

MLPDS CAPs: 31 October 16, Draw your OC/sona with your best friends

You're probably not used to reading anything from me other than my shameless attempts to win free pony plushies. But hey, who can blame me for wanting to hug such a soft cute little piece of carefully sewn art? Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say, I honestly appreciate it.

So what's the sitch? As you can tell (by the fact you probably don't even remember who I am or that you were watching me on dA) I haven't been all that active in the past year and I'm genuinely unhappy about that - I had planned to remain way more active here, especially given that I can't really blame it on tight schedules or anything regarding time restraints. Sad truth is that I had serious problems with my motivation to do stuff in general, which would make it really hard for me to get going and pick up my stylus to start drawing. I'd constantly think about doing something arty but I'd never actually have the power to go ahead and do it. A lot of that was related to being frustrated about the quality of my art, being afraid to make mistakes and other silly stuff of that sort. And the longer my inactivity lasted the harder it would get to try break out of that slump. I would have been okay with a lack of productivity in art if I had felt happy doing other things in the meantime, but sadly in reality I had trouble finding fun in any activity at all for a long time. Sounds sort of bad and honestly it probably was, however reevaluated a few things in the past weeks and came to new conclusions for a better structure of my time, which already resulted in a few good things and will likely keep slowly bringing me more tools to regain control. In the past few weeks for the first time in almost a year I could actually art and not only that, I could also enjoy it.

I already uploaded a few of those pictures I drew, as you can see here:  Dancing Rarity by Uber--Dragon  Pinkie Pie hugs Rainbow Dash by Uber--Dragon  Sleeping Rainbow Dash on a tree branch by Uber--Dragon
As well as a couple less refined/more sketchy ponies:  Fluttershy pencil drawing by Uber--Dragon  A couple sketchy pencil ponies by Uber--Dragon

There are actually about 7 more pictures I drew during my absence in the past two months, however most of those were gifts for a couple of the nice people I got to know and I'm not yet sure if I'll upload the photographs of those publicly.

So what's the deal for the future? I hope to manage to be much more active here on DeviantArt and in art in general, ideally I want to at least finish a decent piece every week and something small like a okayish sketch every other day but I don't really want to promise anything I can't fulfill, so I'll see how much my newly gained motivation is able to produce. I'm currently in the process of thinking of the best way to make something regular like this a reality and I already briefly thought about making a periodical art livestream said reality. Livestreaming should be easily doable for me, as I already have the required knowledge about the software (OBS) and stream platform (probably twitch creative or picarto) from the times back when I streamed games. There's another plan for the (hopefully near) future involving a project I'd like to approach with a couple friends, however we're in the need of a more precise plan on how to get started as well as probably more man power if we want to get this done at the scale we're imagining. Long story short, I've got a lot planned for the future and hope everything will turn out the way I'm striving for.

So that should be all for now. Thanks once more for being a watcher and reading this. I might at one point find a way to reward every single one of you for your support and loyalty, maybe as part of a 50 watcher special or something. We'll see what I can do.

Really hope I won't disappoint you guys this year, take care! Talk to you soon!


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